Saturday, August 21, 2010

Games Day: Baltimore Maryland

Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to Games Day i go! Well after many months of preparing for Games Day, it is finally here, got my army painted, my codex in hand, and all the other little things ill need along the way, and boy is it gonna be fun! As i don't know what to expect from this games day, nor do i ever know of such things, ill still be very happy just about to the point of anything happening can't screw up my day. And with that I'm off, was going to post a battle report, but my opponent was just short of a terrible attitude, two things to point out that he did, he didn't have an space ork codex, and he brought 1750 points against 1000 of mine, yet the only thing i didn't kill were his deffkoptas, never playing with him again unless I positively have to.

Until Later, Aaron.


  1. sounds good and i hate crap players (in attitude not ability) they take the fun out of the game

  2. get some pics up of games day, i cant wait for GD UK next month...