Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dark Angels vs Tau 1000 Points

So this game happened at Games Day, and it was my Dark Angels pitted against the Tau xenos, the game was 1000 points, and since it was a smaller match than we usually play, we just did annihilation, and we lost count of turns, oops!

My Army:
Company Master
Power Sword

Terminator Squad
4 power fist, sergeant with power sword

Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad
Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad
Missile Launcher
Razorback with Twin-Linked Lascannons and storm bolter

His List, ugh this will be messy, and i will probably get it wrong.

Crisis Suit x3
all with missile pods
all with burst cannons
all with fusion blaster
also with 2 gun drones

Fast Attack:
2 Gun Drones

8 Gun Drones

3 Fire Warrior Squads
1st squad has pulse carbines and gun drone
2nd squad has pulse rifles
3rd squad has pulse rifles and a devilfish transport

Heavy Support:
Rail Gun
2 Gun Drones

His Deployment:
Wooden pen where he deployed his first squad of fire warriors with pulse carbines and gun drones, to the right of them from my view he had his crisis suits set up with the two gun drones.
After that he had the devilfish loaded with his 3rd squad of fire warriors, while his gun drones would be a meat shield and on the hill in the upper right corner, is where he placed his hammerhead protected by his 2nd squad of fire warriors.

My Deployment:
From left to right, I placed my dreadnought, and razorback filled with my combat squad-ed tactical squad, i threw my flamer and sergeant in the razorback. My captain was next in line where on his right was my terminator squad, over the wooden fence, was the other half of my tactical squad with missile launcher, and to the right of that was the other tactical squad.

We rolled to see who would go first and i rolled a 5 and he rolled a 1, we set up on the half of right half of the table while a blood angels vs eldar game was happening on the other side.


So as turn one commenced i kept all my guys back and moved up my tactical squad on the far right, up 6" and fired my missile launcher combat squad.

His turn started with his crisis suit moving up, and his devilfish cruising up, with his piranha flanking its left. His shooting phase was started with his fire warriors firing on my tactical squad killing one, that pesky hammerhead nailed my razorback and tore off its twin-linked lascannon, then his gun drone fire warrior squad tried to shoot my terminators but saved all 7 of my saves.

So as my second turn started i moved the terminator squad up 6" and ran my CM for a total of 11", i then proceeded to move my razorback up 6" and my dread went on a slant towards that hammerhead of his. My shooting phase started with my ML combat squad scoring a hit with the missile launcher and stunning it, giving my vehicles another chance to make it to the front lines. i fired a frag missile at the 2nd fire warrior squad protecting the hammerhead but it scattered wildly off the board.

His turn he moved his crisis suit into a broken dome-like building and cruised up his piranha with the 8 gun drones to the left, he also drove up his devilfish. His 1st squad of fire warriors in the back left corner threw a marker light on my dreadnought but failed it. His hammerhead was stunned and his piranha shot his burst cannon at my ML combat squad, killing 1. His 3rd squad of fire warriors shot all their guns at my tactical squad and hit 4 of them but luckily i saved them all.

My turn 3 started with my terminators moving 6" towards the piranha and declaring assault on it, i moved my captain up 6", my razorback drove up and was staring that devilfish straight in the face as they both were about to disembark and with that my movement phase ended. My shooting phase started with my multi-melta ripping two fire warriors apart from the 1st squad of fire warriors with the gun drone, my storm bolter landed a shot on the gun drone, and scored a wound making it malfunction crashing to the ground. My ML combat squad shot at the hammerhead and once again stunned it, thank goodness, i couldn't stand another shot from it. My Assault phase started with my terminators charging the piranha but losing one to the flechette discharge, but after scoring 5 of the 8 hits and all being power fist, the piranha was immobilized, and with that my assault phased ended.

His Turn 3 was unlucky as can be, his devilfish dropped its cargo and his crisis suits moved up. All 3 squads of fire warriors opened up on my terminators and through all the shots i lost 3 of them, thanks to them being fearless i was saved. his devilfish dropped his 2 gun drones and shot at my captain not scoring a single wound. The Piranha and Crisis Suits killed 2 more of the ML combat squad.

As my fourth turn started everything took a turn for the best with me, i disembarked my flamer/sergeant combat squad and charged his fire warrior squad hiding in the ditch, my lone terminator charged the gun drones, and my ML combat squad shot the hammerhead and stunned it once again, my captain charged his crisis suit squad and declared assault. I decided to deal with those fire warriors guarding the hammerhead, because he had bunched em together it was an easy kill, i shot a frag missile at em and scored a direct hit killing 6 of the 6, he then preceded to fail his leadership test and ran 11" off the board, my lone terminator tore 2 gun drones apart and decided to see if my CM was up to the task of three crisis suits and gun drones, with 3 power sword hits and his gun drones having split up i knew that if all of these wounded hit one would die. Luckily enough his crisis suits were torn to shreds and he only had 2 left both with one wound. As my flamer/sergeant combat squad charged the fire warriors, i saw him grimace at whats gonna happen, all 6 of my hits and 5/6 wounds hit, and he failed 4/5 saves, luckily for him he passed his leadership test. All of his retaliations failed against me either missing hits or wounds.

His turn started with his hammerhead still stunned his piranha immobilized and his devilfish surrounded by my marines, his crisis suit fired his missile pods at my tactical squad but didn't score anything, and with that his gun drones shot they also did nothing. As my Initiative was higher then his fire warriors my flamer/sergeant CS tore his fire warriors apart before they had a chance to retaliate, his gun drones did nothing against my lone terminator, and his turn ended with that.

With all he had left was a stunned hammerhead a immobilized piranha and a surrounded devilfish with a fire warrior squad in the corner he decided to call it quits and after the usual "good game" and everything i only lost 4 marines, 4 terminators, and a twin-linked lascannon.

Conclusion: Honestly i think i won this game due to lots of luck, every turn except for one of his i managed to stun that hammerhead, i got two fire warrior squads out, and all his crisis suits, I must say everything there was amazing, the tables, the people, and the make and takes.

Tell me how you liked this battle report, and ill hopefully have more out soon,

Until Later, Aaron.

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  1. Those poor Tau...clearly not meant for the Greater Good.

    Good Job though!